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Annually, millions of unemployed youths get frustrated in wait for non-existing jobs, while many graduates are enslaved in the guise of white collar jobs and a lot of young persons try to flee the continent in search of greener pastures elsewhere, most of them end up losing their lives in the deserts or Mediterranean Sea. Technological advancement is the key system to propel nations forward and AGII is here to purposefully lead young African minds in the use of fundamental and well established knowledge in various disciplines to solve the basic needs of their localities and collectively move the continent forward.

Africa Graduates Industrial Initiative congregates like minds within the school community who in synergy carry out research, create and run projects which impact the individuals and the African nation at large.

AGII fortifies students with industrial based entrepreneurial education and creates a platform to raise capital / seed funds for enterprenural ventures. This allows subscribers to develop a good savings culture which more than 70% of Africans lack. They are also equipped for active employment or business start-up at graduation.



AGII Graduates Industrial Training

AGII skill assessment creates a fair opportunity for ex-subscribers to be chosen on merit. Eligible AGII graduates are trained on the job for two years under AGII projects.


AGII creates school research groups amongst it's subscribers in every subregion, to research and create prototypes for new as well as existing inventions. The aim is to develop same to standard functional units, utilizing locally sourced materials. A typical example of such is the windmill R&D project, low cost housing materials R&D project etc. This will go a long way in solving some very basic challenges in most regions of Africa.
We also harness and develop young persons who show exceptional talents in recreating inventions whether schooled or not.

AGII Nesting Packages

AGII allows students to subscribe to a suitable nesting package which offers them high returns for a substantial kick off fund at the end of the program.

Basic Nesting for Senior Secondary school Subscribers

SS1 Teens of approved secondary schools can subscribe with only NGN3,000 per month (NGN36,000/session). The amount nested appreciates annually with 18% increment to be paid out in their SS3 class. This ensures stress free registration of their external examinations.

Standard Nesting for Higher Institution Subscribers

Students of accredited tertiary institutions can subscribe with only NGN5,000 per month (NGN60,000/session). As they leave school, they already have skills, experience and AGII Nested Fund. The amount nested appreciates annually with 18% increment to be paid out at graduation or after NYSC.

Premium Nesting

The amount nested NGN10,000 or above monthly, NGN120,000 or above annually. The amount nested appreciates annually with 18% increment to be paid out at graduation or after NYSC.


Research & Development

Entrepreneurial Training

Agriculture & food production

Students' Industrial Experience

Students' Fund Nesting

Campus transportation

Staff inclusion

We admit, train and support our subscribers

The plights of fresh graduates involve bankruptcy, poor skills, poor job experience and inability to study further. AGII offers a passionate sustainable panacea to all that. We designed innovative programs for students to explore the best of synergy for industrialization.


A thorough review of our listed students’ nesting ranks is a sure approach to
raise a good sum through a gradual deposit with high interest benefit at graduation.

BASIC NESTING For Secondary School Students

₦ 36,000


₦ 3,000 Monthly

₦ 72,000 /24 Months

+18% Increment

Choose Plan
STANDARD NESTING For Undergraduates

₦ 60,000


₦ 5,000 Monthly

₦ 120,000 /24 Months

+18% Increment

Choose Plan

₦ 120,000 & ABOVE


₦ 10,000 & ABOVE Monthly

₦ 240,000 /24 Months

+18% Increment

Choose Plan

AGII Nesting Eligibility

The Africa Graduates Industrial Initiative focuses on certain categories of Students; SS1 students of approved secondary schools and students of accredited tertiary institutions. Such students are at liberty to join AGII in their domicile African country of AGII coverage.

How To Subscribe

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Choose your preffered package, make payment and subscribe.


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and also prevent unauthorized account access.

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All funds are stored with financial Institutions which are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

You create jobs, you create brands

We have carefully studied the fundamental economic conquest of leading industrialized nations of the world. In our pursuit for sustainable industrialization, we found it worthwhile to train those that can train others.

At the expiration of two years subscription, willing graduands fill in the staff positions under the mentorship of experienced hands and serve for a maximum of twenty four months.

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