Q1. Can non-students join AGII?

AGII is only open to students of approved and accredited institutions for subscription. However, AGII empowers exceptional non-schooled talents and train them through schools or defined research projects.

Q2. What are the core benefits of joining AGII as a student?

AGII subscribers gain industrial skills which enable them to work, earn stipends and make savings while in school. They gain technical edge above their counterparts in terms of employment and/or business start-up.

Q3. Is AGII present in all countries of Africa?

Presently, AGII operation is predominantly in Nigeria and intending to spread across Africa in a short while.

Q4. How do I become a part of AGII?

- Visit
- Click Sign up.
- Select your domicile country.
- Provide your Bio-data, Academic details and Next of Kin.
- Go to your mail box and click the verification link to log in.
- Log in and subscribe from your dashboard.

Q5. Does AGII offer jobs to its subscribers?

AGII projects are operated by subscribers from accredited tertiary institutions in their resident country. Such students are engaged to acquire skills and earn stipends under AGII terms and conditions only.

Q6. How can other African countries that do not use Naira (NGN) make subscriptions?

There will be currency conversion to its equivalent depending on affordability and the economy of any country of AGII operation.